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Our Story

Crystal City Cleaning came into existence when our founder and CEO found himself without a means to support his family after leaving military service in Savannah Georgia. Knowing the importance of having your home or business cleaned, Connor set out on a mission to help our communities brighten up. Shortly after he set out on this mission in Savannah however, Connor and his family decided it would be best to move back to their home state of Alabama and start laying down roots. So they packed up and came to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Bringing his vision to help keep American towns and cities shine brighter. Connor set up Crystal City Cleaning to start his mission here. We have been in business now for two years and offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to exterior cleaning. Connor has had lots of fun getting to know Tuscaloosa and the people here, as well as developing a way to clean your property that runs smoothly and that everyone can enjoy when it is finished.

The future of Crystal City Cleaning looks sustainable and clean, so check us out and get your home or business washed today!

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Our Past Works

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Our Services

Home Exterior Wash

In this wash we clean the entire exterior of the home...

Concrete Wash

In this wash we take a surface cleaner that uses high pressure to...

Roof Wash

Using a “hotter” mix of chemicals and no pressure we...

Wood Cleaning

Fences or porches wood is no problem for us...

Oil Stain Removal

For tough and stubborn oil stains we have commercial grade degreasers...

Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts that can form when water is...

Calcite Removal

Calcite is a crystalline deposit of salts that has formed a solid build up on...

Graffiti Removal

Unwanted paint on your property? We can swiftly remove any graffiti...


Say Goodbye to Dirt & Grime with our Pressure Washing Solutions

“He was phenomenal, very considerate of time and was flexible on his scheduling."

Sara Vile

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